Designing a new reality…

My shadows lost all powers to imprison me.

Fragile, life changing moments & a portrait of something inhuman in your eyes. Childhood roots generations deep & untold truths beneath a perfect, white disguise.

I once poured my cup endlessly of the kinds of poisons my heart knew would never fill these empty spaces. But if you ask the real reason behind her tears, she’ll never tell… familiar suspects & missing scenes of a thousand unknown crimes, the remnants of abandoned cold cases.

No, misery knew her far too well & happiness struggled to stay.

That was once her story, but somehow she found a different way.

She grew up starving, one second to the last hour. To kill her you had to end her life completely, locked in a glass vase among your collection of stolen flowers.

His voice still blurs the line between what she learned to be safe & scary.

Compare two sides of the same story & the narrative begins to vary.

To change, that’s still a mystery.

Managed to wake up at twenty, far from his lock & key.

Years later, it would take time & love to finally be able to see.

All the side effects his abuse had done to me.

But the anger & hate doesn’t burn a fire in my eyes anymore.

Love taught me there’s something better we need to ultimately live for.

And some desire revenge, & others chase after impossible fantasies. But I just want to live a life where I feel free.

That’s all I can fully see.

Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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