You throw insults wrapped in daggers to my heart & the words run marathons in my head. Vows of dying hate scream inside of me & the bleeding poison of fear spreads. We go around & around trying to make believe this story’s ending will be the same. You do what you can to play the victim, but your life is your own, & I’m not the one you need to blame.

The longer we fight, there’s no true way to win. In the silence, the emptiness takes over in the struggle we both have within.

Love is lost in translation, the deeper we both fall into a nightmare of painful isolation.

We are both blinded by our own pain. But we keep waging war, until complete obliteration remains. 

We continue to hate without reason, even when there’s no hope anymore. Neither of us will give in, when the fight is all we now live for.

We’ll destroy everything & everyone by the time we learn…

We both have wounds from each other & this play won’t allow any love to return.

If you see me through my own eyes, maybe the violence will end.

If I see you through your own eyes, maybe our hearts can finally mend.

We’re so caught up in who is right, the accusations become intoxication.

We don’t see we’ve lost it all, long past the point of self preservation.

And I just want to lay down my arms to tell you there’s no life found in fear.

I choose to create a new life, instead of losing myself to revenge year after year.

I don’t want to sink to a level I won’t be able to recover from.

Look for a moment, at what we have both become.

Hate only brings forth more hate.

That path only leads to darkness & I could no longer stand underneath the weight.

Maybe forgiveness will take time & acceptance is knowing the past cannot be changed.

I wish bitterness & pain wasn’t in every word & expression we exchanged.

Hate me to love me,

Somehow you still taught me how to love myself more


We only have this day to live,

Love always finds a way to give.

I mean it when I say,

Be happy & in all the moments of your life be well.

I wish you well.

Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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