His words fall fatally from my lips in sharp edged accusations I aim & throw through golden flames to you. I’m fighting him in broken confessions & tired twisted impressions, & I still can’t see… my soul belonged to him since I was born. But the trust & beating hearts have been left tattered & torn.

I am worthless without you.

His voice rings until my ears slowly, softly bleed. The world collides around me in perfect tragedy…

What would I do without him?

The greatest prison ever made is one where you believe you are free.

In dreams he still whispers this to me…

You owe me…

Look at what I’ve done for you…

You’d be nothing if it weren’t for me…

You’re selfish…

You need me…

You’re pathetic…

Without me…you’re


He wrote my life before I lived it.

He said every word before I spoke it.

He planned every move before I made it.

He owned me before I knew it.

Internal messages control us perfectly,

I look in the mirror but you are all I see.

How do I break the bond he has on me?

I can’t be anything without his consent.

I can’t do anything without feeling the burn of his dissent.

I owe my life to him but I don’t know why.

I once felt safer in believing him when he said my wings would never fly.

I wrapped myself in his shadows & held them close to me.

Love is blind & all my life I couldn’t understand I was never free.

He taught me how to hate me in the most intimate & devastating ways.

He turned me against myself, stole my voice until I no longer could say…

I don’t want him anymore.

I don’t love him anymore.

He lost me the moment he put me in a cage.

But in the end…

He was the one who lost everything with time & age.

Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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