Adult world views, observe & analyze every experience my inner child went through.

Clear eyes, no longer clouded in fear, rage, & blame.

Three words & I’ll never again be the same.

You are loved…

You are loved.

The cure to the poison I’ve been unknowingly fed since birth running through my own blood.

Sitting with my pain, my heart slowly peeling back the layers.

The answer was always there, but I was too lost in vain & empty prayers.

You whisper to me, “You are so unloved & it will never change.”

Low self esteem, depression, & anxiety, all the symptoms masterfully arranged.

All roads lead back to the source of a thousand ailments, you can’t hide your secrets forever in locked basements.

You try to buy me with material gifts & fabricated promises, but to make up for the hole you carved into me, it would take an infinite amount of payments.

With you I only saw myself through the filter of being unloved & rejected.

The damage, you alone inflicted, left me feeling worthless & neglected.

I’m using the past as a platform to the different kind of life I want to create here & now.

Your name is erased in my memories & your cruelness motivates me to make a different kind of vow.

A vow to be kind, to choose love above all other offers in this world.

A vow to cherish what could never be bartered for, stolen, & sold.

I am loved, these words echo over & over as my new reality.

I know in the end, you didn’t want me to see…

All I have to give, my love, my courage, my beauty.

You are haunted by your own nightmares & I was never meant to stay.

Love will now let go of all the fear, to give me a new way.

& I hold nothing against you anymore…

We all need a reason to fully live for.

Broken people, break others apart.

You allowed fear to rule over your entire heart.

I pray for you to find peace & love in the rest of your days.

I forgive you, I forgive me, I mean every single word I say.

I wish you knew, you are loved too.

I’ll never know the battles & wars you survived through.

You tear me down, to feel powerful.

You want to heal, but instead your words & acts become more & more hurtful.

You are controlled by your own unshed tears,

But to your own wounds & struggles, you are always unaware.

The dark can be a lonely place to live.

Fear desires to take, love seeks to give.

The path of healing is one we must walk alone.

Your life, your choices, your consequences, you must finally own.

Fake love won’t ever replace what’s real.

You can’t force your heart to feel something it won’t feel.

Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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