You never knew real love, never felt it in your heart.

& you couldn’t give me what you didn’t have.

So you lived your life around fear, building castles in crowns & sand.

I’ve been wondering how to forgive…to finally find closure.

I don’t know what made you this way…

I don’t know how you became someone with no empathy or kindness.

I could spend a lifetime trying to fit together the pieces, but that’s your story not mine.

All I can do is create my own life.

Dedicate my time to what I love, cherish, & give.

You lived your entire life with an impossible world view, no happiness or warmth in your eyes.

I never knew you because there were only layers & layers of coldness, indifference, & a desire to have power & control over everything & everyone in your life…

Love cannot live or survive in this environment you invented.

I don’t pity you. I don’t excuse you from what you have done.

But I have a sadness for the kind of life you have lived.

One ruled by fear & emptiness.

You see people as a means to an end, pawns in a game you have to win.

You see the world as the adversary, & you as the victim.

You need prestigious titles & positions to feel valuable.

You need an expensive, lavish lifestyle to compensate for the worth you don’t feel.

You are locked in a mindset where there is no end, no way to win, nothing to hold.

I feel for you, yet I don’t ever expect to trust you again.

I see your pain, but I won’t let you back into my life.

We make our own choices every day.

& a life without love…

Was not one I could ever choose.

Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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