Give me fear and let your roots grow in me year after year.

There are times I wonder…if the pain between us was all we ever shared.

I used to be angry every single day, underneath the anger all I felt was pain.

Trying to control or change you, every effort to eliminate my anxiety fell in vain.

Take a moment then you’ll see, even the scars were a gift given preciously.

Loving and losing you, takes every word.

Even in memory, disappointment and rage from you was all I ever heard.

You found power in taking it from those you saw as beneath you.

But I know living this way, your fears and insecurities only grew.

You needed the spotlight, a world built around your every desire.

It scares me to know what that kind of life you led, what it would forever require.

Stars in your dark eyes, I’ll never forget…

Just before I close the past and press reset.


Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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