You tell me we’re family but I grew up alone…

Anger and pain still in the words I don’t say over the phone.

One moment we’re together and the next you throw me under the bus.

When you say you’re there for me, I never think of you in the term of “us.”

Vacations and gifts…they don’t replace the scars you left here.

Years later, I could feel the wounds begin to tear.

I held you high on pedestals, as if you could never fall.

And when my world came to an end, you left me to face it all.

Family is supposed to be a sanctuary,

But under his roof, I was a prisoner wrongly accused for centuries.

I forgive you little by little…it still gets to me when I know.

Our “family” was just for show.

I left so I could find a way to love me.

I stayed away so I could know what it was like to breathe free.

I’ve stopped wishing for you, no longer saying please.

If you had truly loved me…

You wouldn’t have turned away and let me bleed.

I have to forgive you but it hurts more than you could imagine.

Back then I only dreamed of what I didn’t have, kindness and compassion.

I wonder if the loss of me from your life was ever something you could fathom.

And I don’t say these words to hurt you, but it was more than just a little close to the worst that could happen…

Healing takes time and maybe one day I’ll see…

The darkness was sent to eventually free.

Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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