You owe me…words you never said but I always felt the weight and burden of them. They branded me in unshakable shame and stole away my dignity. I owe you. My life, my mind, my existence was yours and I never knew it. You raised me in unseen chains and no one knew any differently. You were my hero and I put you on a perfect gleaming pedestal. As any child would do for their parents. But I saw a brief glimpse of the real you when I said one word. No. That’s when darkness showed up to my doorstep. No isn’t a word you take lightly. No isn’t something you accept. You rage and rage until I cave. Then what’s left of our relationship? Of the love you never gave me. Of the safety you promised? I ran to you for protection, but no one saved me from you.

Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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