I never knew love in the way of compassionately giving…

Looking back, I don’t know how fear could be mistaken for truly living.

Insecurities and struggles, they line you and me.

You hid from your scars and I had to embrace mine to break free.

And I think…

It was always me…I’m the one who started the fight in the first place.

But now I see, that was never the whole story, you must be talking about a different case.

People who don’t love themselves…don’t have any real love to give.

All the control and cages, it was a nightmare I repeatedly lived.

Am I grateful for my life? Of course.

Is love ever something you force?


Your love was only a show.

No one could touch the man underneath.

But you held it against me when you didn’t allow me to speak.

I was just a scared little girl who learned the darkness of this world.

When I reached out for you…your love felt empty and only cold.

It’s time this story returns full circle, back to where it all began.

I broke the mold you made for me and I didn’t ever need your approval and plans.

The love and beauty in me…there’s a worth I have that you will never fully understand.

You close your fist in anger and pain, and I had to forgive you as I opened my heart and hands.

This is no longer a story of you and me.

It’s a declaration of my own freedom, of creating my own life and being empowered to choose what it’s going to be.



Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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