You tell me you love me…

But it took me years to trust enough to believe.

Layers of protection.

Love to me was a failed inspection.

Even when I say what I say…

Still I put all my faith in love to find a way.

I don’t ever believe anyone could love me when he didn’t love me.

His pain was all I could ever feel and I was lost in his own version of reality.

I never knew…

He destroyed me in order to keep me from breaking free.

It’s a backward and ancient philosophy.

When love can only be real when it’s given willingly.

I’m not worth obsessing over, when I was the one who needed to be needed.

Tell me now, was he the one who finally succeeded?

He didn’t stop when my heart and mind helplessly pleaded.

I wonder if he ever knew how it felt like to be treated…

But you would be wrong if you thought I was defeated.

Underneath the bravado…he was a little broken, a little more conceited.

Still you can’t change who you once doesn’t work that way.

I know why I had to stay.

That was a long time ago…

There’s always a story behind what a person has on display to show.

I could never hate you, when blaming you is an outdated reaction.

Love is far more than a simple and shallow transaction.

That’s how he made me feel.

Always questioning…what act is fake and which one is real.






Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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