I was broken…until I had no other choice but to dust off my past.

Pain and tears, when you decide to let them go, they won’t last.

Associated myself with being a wounded and helpless girl.

But you know what they say…don’t cast away your pearls.

Thought I had to be the perfect daughter, always had a smile on my face.

I was never happy in your suffocating and controlling embrace.

You won’t understand my need for space.

And you won’t see why there are memories my mind started to erase.

When I sit in front of my mirror…your words and impressions were all I used to see.

A little older now and for the first time empowered to choose the person I want to be.

They say if you want revenge…dig one more grave.

The only person I have is myself to save.

After the storm, the sun will heal these nightmares and leave only love in my hands.

There’s no doubt or insecurities now in the way I bravely stand.

There’s a difference between confidence and selfishness.

The ways you raised me…all of them were about your ego, power hungry and childish.

You liked me in a cage.

Another victim of your triggered rage.

But your efforts failed in every way.

Because I only want my own love to stay.

Years and years to finally….put away the pain.

Unaffected now by your plans and disdain.

To you a person is only worth it when they serve your needs.

This is why I have a distaste for anyone who falls in love with greed.

Every single person…is worthy of life and that’s something you don’t see.

Love isn’t love when you want me begging for your attention on my knees.

Save your rationality for another, please.

I don’t want your poison and disease.

You were broken and took it out on me to feel better.

She’s no longer believing in the lies you fed her.

Beautiful and strong.

Everything you knew about her…you were dead wrong.

You were the one needed her to build your ego all along.


Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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