You think you own me…

When I don’t do what you say, your true self is what I see.

Once a high commander in the military,

You fell in love with authority, such a visionary.

And every word is an order.

Then you wonder how she has a disorder.

Depression and anxiety are symptoms of a deeper abuse.

But you still continue to lie to yourself and excuse.

People are your play models and you need to feel like a savior.

When you’re busy “saving” us you don’t have to look at your scars and failures.

In the mirror you like to see a hero with no flaws.

But when the night comes…that’s when I see your claws.

There’s no pity in my heart for you and you won’t find me crying anymore, when everything we do becomes a choice.

A real man isn’t insecure like you, completely obsessed with protecting your fragile little ego, that’s why you had to silence every voice.

I don’t have to apologize for what you did, I know now it was not my fault.

I was never the girl you imagined, your own fantasies distorted every side of reality and thought.

But the tragedy is you won’t ever break free from the prison you alone built.

No one deserved your constant shaming and misplacement of guilt.

You created a world where you save the damsel in distress.

But if you took a step back, you would see the truth of all that you missed…but you still lust after a life of excess.

And no one ever said I was perfect, but the cruelty in you is the making of a psychopath.

In every equation of love, I can see your version of events were always meant to serve your pride and we’re still recovering in the aftermath.

You’re Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,  good and evil wrapped up into one.

But…love will have the last laugh when all is said and done.

Because you wanted to drag me down…into your hell.

You thought you knew me so well.

I’m not the helpless little girl you tried so hard to break.

Trying to hurt me for your own benefit was your first mistake.

But if you think I’m bitter….that I’m still angry with you, you’d be dead wrong.

The darkness and adversity you introduced me to only made me more brave and strong.

I’m a survivor and what I have you could never take.

Your “love” was never enough when it all was fake.

So for the rest of my life, I”ll be thankful for every single moment and day.

For you’re no longer here to tell me what to do and silence the words I say.





Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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