Should have known better to entertain you…

But sometimes we don’t know what we get ourselves into.

It started off just so innocently…

But in the end that’s not how it would be.

I’ve said it before, but love isn’t love when you don’t feel free.

My heart couldn’t forget the darker shades of memory.

But when I told you of my own pain you acted indifferently.

Perfect painted faces and you wore them a little too well.

You won’t ever change, this I can finally tell.

Love would never hide behind mixed messages and fear.

There was a point in time where I would have given almost anything to have you near.

This time I don’t feel the same.

Tired and exhausted from playing the victim in the nature of your games.

You ruled me by inciting a deep insecurity.

But love would never seek to harm the most vulnerable parts of me.

I was fooled for a long time, because I couldn’t bring myself to see.

In you, I saw a part of me.

Maybe that’s what you twisted to the extent of hypocrisy.

Back then…I didn’t know your tactics and methods echoed abuse.

Every manipulation was an attempt to extract some selfish use.

Underneath a fragile ego, protected by a breakable shell.

But your rage and contempt builds a unique kind of hell.

Long ago I prayed to know the difference between love and evil.

What you do in the dark and unknown should be considered illegal…

When your words are meant to hurt me, poisonous and lethal.

There was a time I called you my best friend.

Never imagined this is how it would all end.

You put yourself at risk with him by your side.

I had to walk away from the harm you alone could provide.

In leaving and returning to you, I tried and I tried and I tried.

But I couldn’t get past the feeling of something being wrong inside.

It’s a cautionary tale.

So easily do you tip the scales.

Hidden behind black veils.

But love would always prevail.

I’ll take a closer look at every detail.

My love and my heart are not for sale.

Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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