Living under him…

Was a dictatorship.

Everything about you…

Is broken down and stripped.

Speak up and be shot down immediately.

Step out of line and be taught how to act obediently.

Self expression is banned.

Don’t question his absolute command.

Don’t think.

Don’t even blink.

There’s certain death in the Kool-Aid you drink.

He’ll wash your brain with poison.

Live your own life, he’ll make you regret the path you’ve chosen.

A house is not a home when you feel afraid.

He’ll remind you of the provisions he graciously made.

His methods use force, intimidation, and charmingly persuade.

He could burn you to the ground…

Then have you beg just to have him around.

It’s a life of survival and extremes.

Nothing, nothing is what is appears to be.

There’s covert intentions in everything you think you see.

It would take years and years to find the real me.


Hope and love led me to a path where I could finally be free.

Sometimes to build a new life…you have to leave behind the old regime.

To imagine a new world, you have to dream a different kind of dream.

And I’ve been working on loving more and taking caring of my self esteem.

The way to move forward is to not look back.

There he was, ready for a fight all dressed in black.

This time…I didn’t feel compelled to respond or raise my arms to attack.

His hero smoke screen begins to shatter and crack.

To reveal the person underneath the illusion.

Finally separating the reality from the layers and layers of darkness and confusion.

Revenge isn’t worth it in the end, let only love be the final conclusion.

Let him keep his impossible visions and golden delusions.



Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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