I gave all my attention to the pain…

Never knowing, my attempts in this way, would be perfectly in vain.

Painted myself the perpetual victim of …everything.

Not yet self aware enough to see the storms I alone did bring.

Not saying what they did to me was right….

But I’m saying…I’m no longer willing to fight.

See…when you love yourself…you don’t care for what people say.

You have confidence in who you are and let others go their own way…

But when I was abandoned and alone…I let it become my identity.

I stayed in a place of rage and was the only one in the way of breaking free.

In life…

People may scar you forever….leaving you never the same.

But they won’t be your answer in removing the hurt and heaing the inner shame.

There’s always a choice…but I didn’t want to see…

What living in the past and the pain was doing to me…

Obsessed with the wrongs and the nightmares…

To the point where…

I’d rather fall in love with my own endless tears.

Living is hard….getting up when you’ve been dragged through the dirt.

Forgiving and letting go is impossible when you refuse to let go of the hurt.

I don’t want to be you…when I can fall in love with me.

Let love, not fear, be in every image and truth my eyes see.

Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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