what we had wasn’t like the movies…

instead it was…

imperfectly flawed.





my mind now sees a more realistic portrait of the past.

one no longer colored in the extreme…

or tainted by the pain.

it was what it was…

I see every shade of emotion in flashes across your face.

All the anger, sorrow, despair, rage, pain, hope, and more.

When you no longer see the world in black and white…

Every color feels important…

Simply meaningful and unique.

Life was never a performance…acted out on a stage.

Life was….

There in between disappointments, hopes, dreams, sacrifices, fantasy, reality.

Human in every way.

Real emotions and experiences.

Ones that hurt.

Ones that heal.

Ones that leave you breathless.

Ones that terrify you.

Ones that bring you peace.

Ones that lift your spirits.

Ones that leave you numb.

Ones that change you forever.

Ones that hold you close.

Ones that push you far away….

Ones that you long to remember.

Ones you beg to forget.

Ones that change with time.

Ones that stay with you long after the moment has passed.

So many of them…

In an unparalleled kaleidoscope of memories.




Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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