In his eyes…

I was nothing.

A pawn to be played.

A doll meant only for display.

Through his eyes…

Love was a game.

I was wild and he couldn’t keep me tamed.

In his eyes…

The world was fearful and dangerous.

He made me believe everything was for us.

In his eyes…

People were little toys and emotions didn’t exist.

He acted at all times according to his own to do list.

But I was never on the list…no I wasn’t even on the page.

Every act of love he ever gave me was one on golden stages….

Love and love, could never be abuse.

Don’t let your little mind confuse…

Because at the end of the day he writes the rules….

You’re just one of many of his loyal fools.

But that was…..

His point of view.

Not mine.

Never mine.

In my eyes….

Life was meant to be more loving and more kind.

People are priceless and cannot be replaced.

What you feel is not a waste.

Just because he threw you away, doesn’t mean your worth is trash.

All his words, all his cruelty, let it turn to ash.

For there’s value in you he could never touch.

Love you more than he ever could, you deserve as much.

His darkness and pain….was never yours to hold.

He doesn’t belong in the narrative you alone told.



Posted by:Lauren Kim

🦋 I write my own stories, breathing in life & love by my heart's endless daydreams.

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